Polishing & Paint Protection

The art of restoring paint to a better than new finish, professionally done by our experienced detailers. We can try to restore a new car look by applying different compounds, polishes and pads. We are experts in car paint correction, buffing, power polishing, wet sanding, and fine scratch removal.

Winter Protection Package

Protect Your Investment

Triple-Spa Hand Wash
Towel Dry
Sealant Protection – 6 months


Silver (Most In Demand)

Polishing & Paint Enhancement

2 bucket wash, Tires shine, Stage 1 power polish followed by paint sealant. Ideal for paint shine.


Gold (Popular Package)

Polishing & Paint Correction

2 bucket wash, Clay bar treatment, Stage 2 power polish using compound followed by polish. Specifically designed for fine scratch and swirl remover.


DETAILZ (Top Seller)

Paint Correction & Protection

2 bucket wash, Clay bar treatment, Paint decontamination, Cutting, Compound and power polishing followed by graphene coating. 3+ years of paint protection.