Polishing & Paint Protection

The art of restoring paint to a better than new finish, professionally done by our experienced detailers. We can restore paint look by wet sanding, applying different grades of compounds, polish and with a perfect combination of pads . We are experts in car paint correction, buffing, power polishing, wet sanding, and fine scratch removal.

Silver (Most In Demand)

Polishing & Paint Enhancement

Make your car shiny and new with our polishing and paint enhancement services in Regina. We’ll give your vehicle a stunning makeover.

2 bucket wash, Tires shine, Stage 1 power polish followed by paint sealant. Ideal for paint shine.


Gold (Popular Package)

Polishing & Paint Correction

Experience flawless results with our scratch remover services in Regina. Restore your vehicle’s shine and luster effortlessly.

2 bucket wash, Clay bar treatment, Stage 2 power polish using compound followed by polish. Specifically designed for fine scratch and swirl remover.


DETAILZ (Top Seller)

Paint Correction & Protection

Specialized in Ceramic coating services in Regina, we provide advanced protection solutions for various surfaces, enhancing durability, conductivity, and performance. We are a Certified GYEON studio and authorized installer in Regina.

2 bucket wash, Triple Spa Paint Wash, Clay bar treatment, Paint decontamination, Cutting, Compound and Finish followed by Ceramic Coating for years of protection.